Universal Muscle Fitness Fashion will bring you new experience as our world continue to evolve and upgrade, we are also continues in upgrading our system to give you the most convenient platform to use. 

Due to Covid-19 existence, we already launch our membership website in order to secure the data of our athletes and those who are supporting us continuously. You can click any button you wish to sign up , however if you are an athlete, you need to be into premium or gold membership to access the registration for competition. Below you can see the benefits you can get upon upgrading into PREMIUM or GOLD membership.

Free Membership
Anyone wish to be a member can do so for free. This allows you to view its content and use the platform to post anything. However, as a competitor you must be an official member which we refer to us Premium or Gold Member.
Premium Membership
$10.00 USD
Upgrading into Premium Membership gives you the perks to: first and for most, register into any competition that Universal Muscle Fitness Fashion launched, access more information on the events like competition rules & etc.
Gold Membership
$30.00 USD
Upgrade to Gold Membership in order to access more content such as Athletes complete gallery of photos, videos, make an advertisement or banner across UMFF website and much more!